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Northern Hemisphere 2022

Sicilian Nocellara

California Harvest

These specific varieties are rare in California (Coratina & Picual) and Mission which is only found in California. CA Arbequina and Arbosana, 

CA Harvest 2022.jpg
CA Harvest 2022 Tasting 2.jpg
CA Harvest 2022 Tasting.jpg

Melgarejo-Hojiblanca 2022

Melgarejo Hoji 2022 #2.jpg

Melgarejo Spanish Hojiblanca

Melgarejo Hoji 2022.jpg

Greek Ultra HP Kalamata


Greek Kalamata

Early Green Kalamata Fruit.jpeg

Early Green Kalamata Fruit

Kalamata Trees

Kalamata Malaxer

2022 Ultra HP Greek Kalamata and Kalamata Reserve

Fused Greek Early Harvest Leek 


Greek Early Harvest Leek 

Greek Athinolia.jpeg

Greek Athinolia 

Garlic Fused.jpg

Fused Greek Early Harvest Garlic

Garlic Fused Oil.jpg

Fused Greek Early Harvest Garlic

Albanian Velagosht.jpg
Albanian Velagosht Fruit.jpg

Albanian Velagosht

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