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Olive oil can begin to solidify when exposed to temperatures at 50 F. and below. However, it will likely move through several physical stages before it completely solidifies. The first stage will be cloudiness.

If the temperature continues to drop the oil might look viscous and thick and be more difficult to pour. Next, tiny white beads of wax might begin to form. This will look like globules suspended through the still (mostly) fluid oil. Once the temperature drops below 43°F the product typically solidifies completely.

Extra virgin olive oil varieties made from certain olives may behave differently when exposed to cold temperatures based on their unique composition. What we can say however, is that solidification of extra virgin olive oil due to cold exposure is a natural characteristic and is not reason to panic, nor is does it represent a quality issue. Given enough time at ambient room temperature, the oil will return to its fluid state.

Please see photos below of various stages of solidifying olive oil. These are by no means exhaustive, as we’ve heard customers describe solidifying olive oil in many unique ways from looking like “cottage cheese”, to looking like “branches and sticks”.
Olive Oil Solidifying - 1.jpg
Olive Oil Solidifying - 2.jpg
Olive Oil Solidifying - 4.jpg
Olive Oil Solidifying - 3.jpg
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